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After 35 years of service, hip hop legend Flavor Flav has been handed his walking papers after a dispute over of all things politics. Now in 1989 when P.E. made one of the best songs in hip hop “Fight The Power” they were seen as one of the most influential groups of that time especially when it came to talking about the injustices of the government. Although back in the day you really didn’t think of politics when you saw or heard Flav usually that was Chuck D or Professor Griff’s job they were the ones that were “Woke” and Flav was the person that got the party hype. The closest thing to politics that Flav has ever done was making the cult classic 911 is a joke after that you automatically think Flavor Of Love from VH-1. But after seeing that his likeness on a flyer to promote a Bernie Sanders rally Flav’s lawyer sent a cease and desist because he hasn’t endorsed any Presidental Candidate after that P.E. released a statement saying that after 35 years they will be moving forward without the services of Flavor Flav and changing their name to Public Enemy Radio. Full Story Click Here     

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