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One more game to go! So who do you got? Will it be the 2nd ranked offense in the league with last years league’s MVP or will it be the team out west that has the number defense in the league led by one of our own former buckeye great Nick Bosa. Many fans and analysts believe that even though the 49ers have the best defense in the league they won’t be able to overcome Patrick Mahomes who was the MVP of the entire league last year. Mahomes has three receivers that have been clocked at running 22 miles per hour, in other words, they fast as hell! Not to mention the Chiefs are most deadly when the play breaks down that’s when they’re at they’re best. Most say that the only way that the 49ers can win is if they find a way to knock out the starting QB or if the Cheifs bus gets lost on the way to the stadium. I have the final score 49ers winning the game 45-38 and bringing back the greatness to the bay area.