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This fight wasn’t even close, Wilder vs. Fury part .1 was incredible filled with action and left many wondering who really won the fight when it ended in a draw even though Wilder knocked down Fury in the final round. The build-up to this fight was crazy everyone calling it the fight of the year […]

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One more game to go! So who do you got? Will it be the 2nd ranked offense in the league with last years league’s MVP or will it be the team out west that has the number defense in the league led by one of our own former buckeye great Nick Bosa. Many fans and […]


The Columbus Division of Fire and Police are preparing to meet one another for The First Responder Face-Off! The face off is made up of volunteer hockey teams represented by the Columbus Division of Fire versus the CPD! The two teams got together Monday for a scrimmage ahead of the first 2020 First Responder Face […]

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This is the 1st year in a long time every fan of the NBA is excited about the upcoming season due to the fact that for the 1st time in a long time ANYBODY can win the title and i mean ANYBODY the league hasn’t been this wide in years here are my top favorites […]

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I’ve gone on record saying that I believe that this years NBA Playoffs are ASS, just like this years NCAA Men’s Final Four and This years Superbowl. For one reason and one reason only STAR POWER!! Without Lebron the NBA Playoffs SUCK and the reason is because we all know that the Golden State Warriors […]

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Most organizations would be just happy to make the playoffs, most teams would be happy making it out of the first round of the playoffs, for them that’s a good…no a great season. Especially when you were even expected to make the playoffs at the beginning of the season, everyone was saying that this was […]

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Many outside of Columbus Ohio believed that the 1st round of the playoffs would be a sweep no one thought that the Blue Jackets had a chance in hell to even be close in one game after the great season the Lightning had they were best in the league this NHL season and they were […]


The one thing everybody in world has in common is that they all would LOVE to win the lottery, that’s just #facts and anyone that tells you different is a liar liar pants on fire lol. The only bad thing about winning the lotto is the TAXES you can’t escape them, and what’s crazy its […]

The 614

It was clear the Buckeye’s we’re lookin right past Maryland the score told the truth, and had it not been for a missed 2 pt conversion the Bucks would’ve been out of the playoff race and this weeks game would’ve lost some of it’s luster. But the Buckeye’s behind the arm and legs of Dwayne Haskins  […]

The 614

We’re half way there and all we have to do is score more goals than NY we don’t even have to win, I don’t know about you but I do believe we’re about to run the table once again and bring the ship back to the 614!!!! After 120 minutes Gyasi Zardes scored in the […]


Boston just won the biggest prize in MLB and did it after winning a league high 108 games, many sports experts had the Red Sox getting beat in the wild card game then those same people picked them to get beat in Semi’s against Houston. Not only did they prove all the experts wrong, they […]

The 614

Great week to be an Ohio football sports fan with all of the major teams winning, The Buckeyes move up to #3 in the polls after winning their homecoming game against Indiana. The Bengals remained at the top of the AFC North with a come from behind win against the Miami Dolphins and the Brown […]