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I’ve gone on record saying that I believe that this years NBA Playoffs are ASS, just like this years NCAA Men’s Final Four and This years Superbowl. For one reason and one reason only STAR POWER!! Without Lebron the NBA Playoffs SUCK and the reason is because we all know that the Golden State Warriors are going to win the title. But these games have been LIT even though everybody in the NBA is playing for 2nd place, things have happened in these playoffs that haven’t happened in years.

1. Kawhi Leonard hitting a walkoff jumper from the corner in game 7 over a 7 footer while time ran out and put the Sixers out of the playoffs and made Joel Embiid cry lol.

2. Damian Illard hit’s the shot heard around the world sending Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder home in the 1st round and then he helps his Portland Trail Blazers beat the #2 seed Denver Nuggets on the road in a game 7

3. The Golden State Warriors lose KD and the Splash Brothers stop splashing and they were going up against the Houston Rockets who took them to a game 7 last year and they were the team picked to win the Warriors BBBBUUUTTT Come on man how good are you that you lose the best player in the playoffs and you still beat the 2nd best team in the league on the road…..NOBODY IS BEATING THIS TEAM

So what’s the verdict….. The playoffs are still ASS but it is entertaining watching these teams play FOR SECOND PLACE!!

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