The 614

Some people believe that Ron Freeman has to much time on his hands after he took time out of his day to make The Coronavirus Song where he helps people by spreading awareness and not germs. With cases popping up all over the world many cities around the country have begun preparing for an outbreak, […]

The 614

Today is a day of love and most like to express their love in the form of gifts, well after sitting with my love experts #JustBurrs and #StoweShow we’ve compiled a list of things you should never ever give the person you love or lust after. 10. A used gift card 9.  A bouquet of […]

The 614

Recently that other team up north had their head coach of a decade step down amid a lawsuit against the university and now there is a prominent head coaching position open in the very competitive Big Ten. So that other team up north started the search and the search usually starts with a coach that […]

The 614

Last year the neighbors of Stacy Elliott called Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office to report their dog had been attacked by a large cat when the sheriff’s arrived the found the cat and from their accounts, they believed that the cat was going to attack them so they shot the cat killing the animal. That’s when […]

The 614

Before I take my daughters into any store I always and I mean always tell them this “You don’t Want nothing, You don’t Need nothing and you can’t Touch nothing. Sounds good but it goes in one ear and out the other lol they ask for everything , it’s like what I said didn’t even […]

The 614

So sometime year a person or group decided to make a raid “Area 51” twitter account and for some crazy reason over 350 thousand people signed up for the this raid and for the same crazy reason these brave/stupid people are going to do this sometime this year. Well I personally think this is a […]

In the past 5 to 7 years TV has been real good , most of the series that have come out in the recent years have been some of the most watched of all time . And Power has been right up there at the top, fans fell in love with 50’s gritty series from […]

Charles Barkley famously said ” I’m NOT a role model” he even made a Nike commercial about it, and he caught hell for saying that and the commercial but he believes that kids parents should be role models and not athletes or entertainers. And not Cardi has been called to the front after a old […]

Soulja told the world that he was gonna take it over as soon as his electronics hit the market his Soulja watch and Soulja game console were both according to docs. on back order. So people did want to by Soulja’s product and some did pre-order their products and this was in January and customers […]


These scams are getting out of hand and with everything going digital it’s making it easier for hackers to get all of your info and it looks like they’re not stopping anytime soon….

Well actually Goofy IS a dog lol people will do or say anything to go viral, even if that means fabricating the entire story. You know what the saying is “If it’s not on social media it ain’t real!” I think that’s a saying lol well anyway’s here’s what Wikipedia has to say about one […]


Famous line from the movie “White Chicks” “I can’t believe you said that!! But you were thinking it!!! Trevor Noah is able to say what all Black People and some White People think. If your black in America it’s shoot 1st and ask questions later.