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El Chapo‘s lawyers have a great reason why he shouldn’t be forced to endure a U.S. trial…and that reason is Donald Trump.

Back in August, Joaquín Guzmán Loera’s legal team filed an injunction arguing that Trump’s opinions regarding Mexican-Americans have created a hostile environment for all Mexicans living in the U.S. And with Guzman finally in custody, his lawyers are making good on the injunction. Trump previously said Mexicans are “rapists” and are “bringing drugs and crime to this country.”

El Chapo’s lawyers believe it would be impossible for their client to receive a fair trial without bias. Trump’s sentiments came during the kick-off of his presidential campaign, and he’s tweeted about El Chapo as well.

While Donald Trump may keep El Chapo out of America, tacos could be the reason he was caught in the first place, according to The New York Times.

Mexican officials told the Times that law enforcement followed one of El Chapo’s known associates to Los Mochis, Mexico. Authorities knew the drug lord was in the area, and saw his cohort pick up a large order of tacos on January 8, eventually following him to the home that would soon be wiretapped and confirmed as El Chapo’s hideout.

SOURCE: New York Times, Mashable | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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