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Many celebrities have chimed in on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy… Nick Canon is now among that long list. Instead of Twitter or Instagram he chooses to do a more “Stay Woke” approach.

Surprisingly he has bars. In think its cute how no one has really said anything about how he sneak dissed Chris Brown about how thirsty he was to get people to buy his album named after his daughter Royalty.

Play at :33-:45 Listen carefully…  “What I look like begging them to let Royalty into they home”. Now it’s a far stretch but remember when Chris went in on fans for not “Brining Royalty home for the Holidays?” even though it eventually became # Hip Hop/ R&B Album for over 3 weeks straight.

Memba that?? Ok im done being messy… he really was spittin’ though. Snaps to him!!