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Today’s “Dime’s Diary” Entry is from JaShawn Bateson, a 30 year old college graduate who’s single, with a full time job as a manager at a retail chain.  Sounds like the perfect bachelor? Well, not quite.  He’s seeking advice and thoughts on how to become the perfect bachelor for the right woman.  Here’s what he wrote into Dime’s Diary:

Hey Dime,

My name is JaShawn and I’m a nice looking man, single and got a lot going for myself. I have no kids, a full time job in management at a known retail chain and a college degree.  Yet I am still single.  Could it be it’s because I still live with my parents? My parents are allowing me to save my money to eventually pay off my school loans and become debt free.  Why would staying with my parents to save money be a bad thing?

As a female, what are your thoughts and what advice would you give? I am not trying to be single for the rest of my life.  I thought woman want a man with a great future, money and an education.  Please help!

What do you think JaShawn should do? Call in at 749-1011 or comment below

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