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Kyrie Irving was the subject of some pretty bad accusations last week, when he was seen in a video of what appeared to be a yacht party attended exclusively white women.

The video went viral, as users on Twitter condemned the NBA Champ of racism, and perpetuating the stereotype that NBA stars only go for white women.

Now Irving has taken to his personal Facebook page to discredit the accusations, and defend his love for Black women.

I was raised by the black women in my family and for me to be connected to some nonsense like a “No black girls allowed” party is embarrassing and an inaccurate portrayal of who and what I represent as a man.” Irving continued, “I would like to apologize to anyone if they were offended initially without knowing any of what actually happened, but that story has no truth to it and I wanted to clear the air on all of this B.S.”

The reactions in the comments section are mixed between people telling the 24-year-old star that he has nothing to apologize for, to others accepting and appreciating his apology, to many others rejecting it as anything more than a shallow excuse.

We’re sure people will keep a close eye on things in the future to see if Kyrie really does feel this way, or if it was nothing more than polite lip service.

SOURCE: Facebook | PHOTO: Getty

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