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Gucci Mane Invades 'The Whoolywood Shuffle'

Johnny Nunez

Super producer Zaytoven recently talked in an interview about the possiblity of Gucci Mane and Drake dropping a joint prject together. But that’s not it! Fans may also want to keep their eyes and ears peeled for a Gucci Mane and Future album as well according to Zay.

“We were doing the video for Gucci Mane’s first video for the album. It was featuring Young Thug but Young Thug wasn’t there yet. We were in there talking and Drake just came by because he was in town and wanted to stop through. We just got to talkin’ about doing a project together — Gucci and Drake together,” Zay said in an interview. “[Future and Gucci collabo coming?] Oh yeah definitely. I will try to make sure of it.” (XXL Mag)

Which collab do you think would be the dopest?? Comment below!