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lilD is taking 30 days to see if you can really use Tinder for more than a hookup! Did this guy say he had a curfew…?

Tinder Tales with lilD

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So Friday, I met a really great guy, and things are going well. But! I said I would spend 30 days on Tinder, so that’s what I’m going to do. I have a feeling the second half of the month is gonna be better than the first…

Today I had a late lunch. TinderGuy wore a fedora, button up, khaki shorts, and boat shoes. Not exactly my style but he was working it. He smelled good too, wore glasses (I love glasses) and had clean fingernails. I’m thinking this could go well!!

He looked kind of young, but I know I do too sometimes, so it didn’t bother me. TinderGuy said he was a manager at Radio Shack, and that’s cool with me. He knows I do radio, and while he asked a few times about my job as far as how I like it, and what my goals are. Then he asked me about my family, where I went to school, and said he loved natural hair. This was going well!!

So I asked him about college, and he said he was attending OSU for business management. Cool! I told him I’m on air until midnight, and he started looking a little uncomfortable. This happens sometimes, because I work so late, I don’t have a lot of time to hang out with people. I asked him if he went to sleep early, and he said most nights he was up late, but was just at home early. I was confused…

So I asked if me getting off late was a problem. He was uncomfortable again. At this point, I was starting to wonder what was going on. So I jokingly said, “I know I get off late, but sheesh, you got a curfew or something?” I laughed and sipped my lemon water.

He was silent with a straight face.


He said “I need to tell you something. I lied on Tinder. I’m not 25, I’m 19, but I’m really mature for my age. You see I’m a manager at my job, and I work really hard.”

I was getting ready to say it’s okay that he lied, but 19 is pretty young, but before I could respond, he kept going.

“Also, the reason you working late is a problem is because…well…..I have to be home by midnight. I’m working on getting my own apartment, but for now, my parents want me home to make sure I have time to study and get to work.”

Now I didn’t wanna be rude. I had a curfew too, when I was 16. And I guess it’s dope that his parents care….? But what am I possibly supposed to do with him?

I said “um. Well….um. I do think you’re cool as hell. But…you know there are a lot of differences between us.”

He cut me off and asked, “when I get my own apartment, can I hit you up?”

I plan on forgetting he existed before then, so I said “sure.”

A curfew.

On to the next date…

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