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The Game’s SUV was shot at outside a Miami hotel! Could this be connected to the verbal shots he threw at Meek Mill…?

Police tell us around 7:30 AM a Mustang convertible drove past the valet outside the Fontainebleau Hotel and fired multiple shots into a white Mercedes-Benz G Wagon … which cops are saying is associated with Game. The SUV was empty.

The Game was hosting and performing with DJ Stevie J the song “Heard Ah That”produced by LooseCannon S.L.I.M. and XpMuzik Thursday night at STORY Nightclub presented by Headliner MG … a few miles down the street from the hotel. Cops say no other vehicles were hit and there were no injuries.

The rapper’s manager, Wack 100, tells TMZ the vehicle that actually belongs to their crew is the black Chevy SUV next to the G Wagon and inside the police tape. He says their vehicle was not hit. Game also had a white Range Rover parked about 15 feet away from where the shots were fired.

During his gig at STORY … Game took some verbal shots at Meek Mill, calling him a snitch. It’s unclear if that’s in any way related to the shooting.

If you didn’t know, Game and Meek have an issue because Game believes Meek said Game was involved in Sean Kingston’s robbery:

According to TMZ, the rappers’ feud all stems from a Sean Kingston jewelry jacking. Game believes Meek “snitched” and told Kingston’s camp that he was directly or indirectly involved in the theft, the report says, citing sources inside each camp.

Kingston was reportedly robbed of a $300,000 chain at a Los Angeles nightclub on the night in question back in June. Meek and Game were both allegedly at the club that evening.

However, law enforcement officials say Game was actually never a suspect. In any case, Kingston stopped cooperating with the police and thus, the investigation has been closed.

via TMZ & RapUp

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