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GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Campaigns At Black Republican Caucus Of Southern Florida

Dr. Ben Carson has taken his failed presidential candidate talents elsewhere.

Last week, the former neurosurgeon spoke at the Pensmore National Symposium on Religious Liberty and suggested that America is at the height of violent unrest due to the legalization of same-sex marriage. At the conference, the Seventh-day Adventist Christian told conservatives to fight against an ‘ever-growing government’ for their faith.

He also told the crowd “there will be mass killings once again and the peace that we experience now will be only a memory. This is the nation that stands between peace and utter chaos.” Carson was then asked what he believed was causing the disturbance of peace, to which he responded, “The whole gay marriage issue.”

The doctor continued, “Why must they change it? I believe the reason is, if you can change the word of God in one area, then you can change it in every area. It’s the camel’s nose under the tent, and it will just be an avalanche of one thing after the other. We won’t have anything that we can use as our reference point because we will have thrown out God’s word. It’ll be every man for himself, every man deciding for himself what is right and what is wrong, and that can’t possibly lead to a good place.”

Carson also made a lot of controversial statements about the LGBT community during the Republican presidential primary. He was once under fire for saying that changing one’s gender was like changing one’s ethnicity.

Source: Daily Mail |PHOTOCREDIT: Getty 


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