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Soulja Boy claims the whole beef with Chris Brown stems from Breezy beating up Rihanna.

SB and the forthcoming fight’s promoter, sat down with Hollywood Unlocked to discuss the drama in an extensive interview. However, the clip getting all the burn is SB talking reckless, and Floyd Mayweather looking at him with the blankest of stares.

“This ni**a damn near [killed] this girl bro. She had to jump out the Lamborgini running for her life,” said Draco. “That’s what the beef really stems from. It stems from Rihanna.”

He went on to say Breezy did the same thing he did with Karrueche, calling him in the past to ask if he slept with Rihanna—all because she attended a Soulja Boy show. He also said Brown has been sniffing coke and stole his swag (see: the body and neck tattoos._

So much petty, and it’s only six days into 2017.  Also, the irony of Soulja Boy being upset about Brown beating up a woman, when Floyd Mayweather went to jail for assaulting a woman.

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