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PARTYNEXTDOOR has again been linked to Nicki Minaj after some fairly innocuous social media activity. Things began when the OVO artist “liked” a series of tweets that insinuated he contributed to Nicki’s song “Regret In Your Tears.” Nicki addressed the matter via Twitter, stating that PARTYNEXTDOOR “had nothing to do with” the track, and appearing to display some confusion at why he chose to hit Twitter’s “like” icon on the posts in the first place. “Not sure why he was ‘liking’ tweets. Maybe it was just ‘funny’ to him. Maybe he was…’hacked,’” Nicki tweeted.

Twitter users commonly “like” various posts on the social media platform, but since Twitter adopted the feature in 2015 over the previous “favorite” feature, liking a status can mean a number of things. For example, many users like a status as a way to remember to reply or re-tweet it before their feed refreshes.The matter briefly resurfaced Saturday morning, when PARTYNEXTDOOR reportedly posted another tweet aimed at Nicki.

“I’m a fan of Nicki Minaj, we have a song together, I hope she’s as cool & as I’ve always imagined,” PARTYNEXTDOOR tweeted. The tweet has since been deleted, but as DJ Akademiks’ screen grab proves, nothing really disappears in the era of social media.

As Nicki Minaj previously stated, PARTYNEXTDOOR has no writing credits on “Regret In Your Tears.” He and Nicki Minaj did appear together on the Major Lazer track “Run Up.”

Major Lazer’s Diplo gave an insight into Nicki’s writing process for “Run Up” during a recent interview with Zane Lowe.

“She’s inspiring, man,” Diplo explained. “It’s crazy. I’ve never had an artist be so disciplined on cutting a song like this. She wrote 16 different verses for this song.”

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