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You Ain’t Gots ta Lie, Jay-Z

The Meadows Day 1

Source: @PhotosByBeanz / @PhotosByBeanz

Remember those rumors that Jay-Z’s tour wasn’t selling….? Well he just cancelled a show in Nebraska, for “technical issues.” Apparently, even though the show isn’t until December 6th, nobody can install the video screens. Jay claims he loves his fans too much to do a half show. Um, sir. You can tell us the truth; that show didn’t sell?? Nobody will judge you for not having any fans in Nebraska.

See what other city he cancelled a show in, here.

The Jig is Up, XXX…


Source: HotNewHipHop.com / HotNewHipHop.com

So XXX…tension cord, the rapper with no eyebrows, is hosting an anti-rape event next month. That’s great, right? Naw cuh. He has a domestic violence trial in 2 months, where he “allegedly” beat up his baby mama and threatened to what…? Rape her. Sitcho ole “my lawyers told me this would be a good look for my case” lookin ass down. Send him to jail and tell him to host an anti-rape event behind bars.

You can see when the event is, here.

Meek Mill Should be More Selective…


Source: Marcus Ingram / Getty

So while we’re all hollering “free Meek Mill,” Al Sharpton is trying to get him out too. Reverend Al thinks he can do it, because he helped get Tupac out of solitary confinement in the 90’s. So here’s the thing: Tupac got out of jail, signed to Death Row, and was dead all in 10 months. All I’m saying is…..you sure you want Al’s help?

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