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Now that new details have surfaced about Nelly’s alleged rape case, some are feeling different about how they felt a the beginning of this case. Although the Washington State police dropped because Monique Greene the alleged victim refused to testify. Video has surfaced and  Monique is saying one thing and Nelly is saying another, because at 1st Nelly was like I didn’t do $hit lol he even put out this statement via his lawyer to TMZ

Nelly’s lawyer tells TMZ, “Nelly is the victim of a completely fabricated allegation. Our initial investigation, clearly establishes the allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness. I am confident, once the scurrilous accusation is thoroughly investigated, there will be no charges. Nelly is prepared to pursue all all legal avenues to redress any damage caused by this clearly false allegation.”


But now Nelly is saying that not only was the sex consensual but it was also unprotected, According to Nelly the alleged victim removed her own clothes and once they got started she got upset because she thought he was involved with one of his dancers who was also on the bus at the same time???????????? NOW NELLY I GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YOU BUT THAT RIGHT THERE SOUNDS KINDA…….SUSPECT. Why would she care who your messing with on the bus? She ain’t your woman so it ain’t her business. Monique is saying that the sex was forced on her she was not compliant and it lasted for 30mins and she also believes that Nelly let them kids go inside her as well as on her back. Monique is also saying Nelly offered her $$$$$ to stay on the bus until their next stop. That’s when according to her one of his St. Lunatics pushed her off the bus and that Nelly threw her a $100 bill. Check full story out here