FOR A WHILE NOW LEBRON JAMES HAS BEEN SAYING THAT HE’S GETTING TREATED DIFFERENT THAN OTHER PLAYERS WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING FOULED WHILE DRIVING TO THE BASKET. LAST NIGHT AGAINST THE SPURS IT AL CAME TO A HEAD WHEN LEBRON WAS HIT EACH AND EVERY TIME HE WENT TO THE HOLE AND ONLY WENT TO THE FOUL LINE 4 TIMES…….4 TIMES!!! WE’RE TALKING ABOUT THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE NOT BEING ABLE TO GET CALLS IN A INTERVIEW AFTER THE GAME LEBRON SPOKE TO REPORTERS  “We’re at a point now where we protect the shooter more than the driver,” James said. “There’s no reason I should be going to the line four times in a game when I drive 100 times to the paint and I’m getting hit and slapped and grabbed and whatever and whatnot. We protect the shooter. That’s what it’s turned into. ‘Chicks dig the long ball,’ and that’s what it’s about.” DO YOU AGREE WITH LEBRON OR DO YOU THINK HE’S JUST BEING A CRY BABY????

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