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According to many studies, millions of felons are disenfranchised and lost their right to vote. While LeBron James is getting ready to get back to fighting for an NBA championship run, he is also making time to fight for many felons right to vote. According to The Jasmine Brand, James’ “More Than A Vote” initiative […]

The coronavirus pandemic has put a real damper on the last year of high school for graduating seniors. The year 2020 seemed so full of endless possibilities until everything came to a complete stand still thanks to COVID-19. Seniors nationwide have been forced to suffer a shortened school year with many special events being cancelled, […]

Ladies its time to make sure our kings don’t get too raggedy during this lockdown. We all are feeling the struggle these days. We can’t get our nails or hair done. Couples are improvising to learn how to keep each other from falling off too bad. LeBron and Savannah James are definitely couple goals as […]


The Laker said he plays for his “team and for the fans.” California announced this week a state of emergency after the state saw a rise in coronavirus cases. Los Angeles Times reports a Grand Princess cruise ship not being allowed to dock due to 12 travelers being affected with the virus. As of Saturday, […]


The coronavirus hysteria is continuing throughout the world and has every one in America preparing for the worst. Across the board, from airports to elementary schools, the necessary precautions are being taken to keep us as safe as possible. Unfortunately, sports organizations are not exempt from the mayhem either. The NBA is looking to implement […]

At this point, you can’t do anything but respect LeBron James. Aside from being a powerhouse on the basketball court, LeBron is an all around charismatic talent. From acting in commercials and movies, to helping educating our youth and preparing them for better futures, the man is truly unstoppable. With that being said, LeBron continues […]

LeBron James continues to make history on and off the court. At this point, his possibilities are endless, and as an Ohio native myself, I am loving every minute of it. Not only does he make sure to give back but he makes sure to give back to the community that raised him, and in […]


The Laker Nation is still trying to make sense of this tragedy. I am still typing stories about Kobe Bryant‘s death and I still can’t believe it has really happened. Many in the Lakers organization have been trying to come to grips as well. Friday night the lakers did their best to honor Bryant, his […]

LeBron James has been blessed with many things in life. Natural talent being the obvious first thing that comes to mind, but following up with that he has been triple blessed with three great kids. In recent years, he’s been adjusting to sharing the spotlight with his sons, who are doing great things in the […]


Last night, Lebron James tapped in to his inner superhero and made NBA history ((once AGAIN)) during the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder game. Lebron has now become the first-ever NBA player to have a triple-double against every one of the 30 teams in the NBA! In an interview James said, “I really […]

  LeBron James’ job is never done. While off the court, he is always striving to make change and help offer better opportunities for underprivileged children and families. Now, LeBron and his I PROMISE school will now provide transition housing for students and their families who are in need of a healthy living environment. The […]

LeBron James is among the hundreds of thousands of evacuees forced from their homes due to the wildfires that erupted early Monday in Southern California stretching over 70 acres. James tweeted early Monday he and his family were in search of rooms for his family after the emergency evacuation of the Getty Fire. The Los […]