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LeBron James has been blessed with many things in life. Natural talent being the obvious first thing that comes to mind, but following up with that he has been triple blessed with three great kids. In recent years, he’s been adjusting to sharing the spotlight with his sons, who are doing great things in the athletic world. But now, he must make way for the princess of the castle!

That’s right, James’ 5 year old beauty, Zhuri is coming to melt all hearts with her brand new YouTube channel. And from the brief promo video that was posted on Christmas, I can tell I’m already obsessed!

The Los Angeles Lakers star announced that his daughter now has her very own YouTube channel titled, “All Things Zhuri.” And thanks to Dad, she now boasts more than 16,000 followers on her channel. The channel is set to launch on January 1, so the youngest member of the James clan will have exclusive content for watchers, directly from her point of view kicking off in the new year!

In the brief video teaser, you see the Zhuri riding a scooter, having fun at a trampoline park, flying a drone, cooking and more. “My mom and dad are so cool,” Zhuri says in the teaser. “You might know them.” Both of her brothers also make an appearance in the video.

The YouTube world has become very lucrative for some users, especially for talented kids. Its been recently reported that 8-year-old YouTube phenom, Ryan Kaji and 5-year-old Anastasia Radzinskaya are two of the highest paid YouTubers around, raking in $26 million and $18 million respectively.

Go Zhuri!

Source: Complex