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The Laker said he plays for his “team and for the fans.”

California announced this week a state of emergency after the state saw a rise in coronavirus cases. Los Angeles Times reports a Grand Princess cruise ship not being allowed to dock due to 12 travelers being affected with the virus. As of Saturday, the state has 69 cases and 1 death, according to KCRA 3.

With states up and down the west coast and New York seeing numbers rise, the NBA is considering having games where no fans are in attendance. Los Angeles Lakers are battling the CDC warning about community spread of the COVID-19. However, team captain LeBron James ain’t trying to hear none of the health scares and says if there are no fans he won’t play.


The NBA hasn’t made a decision but to see the face of the league say he won’t play unless fans show up probably is making this decision even harder to make. Other countries like Italy that are being affected worst by the coronavirus taking the approach of non-spectator events. Right here in Columbus, we are having the Arnold Sports Festival with no spectators. There are going to be cons to this approach but people’s health and safety are more important than a 2-hour game.

Do you agree with LeBron James’ stance on the NBA possibly having games with no fans? Let us know below!

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