To revision America would mean to take down every single structure, law, policy set in place to control the people, everything except voting. According to TMZ Colin Kaepernick is all for a new change and new days living in this country “In order to eradicate anti-Blackness, we must also abolish the police” — Colin Kaepernick. […]

The quarterback Deshaun Watson has been in hot water for the past couple of weeks with over 22 women, claiming some sort of sexual abuse from Watson. Now this could be true but it can also be a quick way to money from the girls. As of now Watson is continuing his innocence, and moving […]

Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident yesterday. Reports surfaced that the golf champ would have to undergo surgery, leaving fans wondering how serious his injuries were and would Woods be okay. Well the answer is YES he’s going to be fine and is recovering inches hospital room after undergoing surgery on his right […]

A fight form too legends in their 50s that will  not go on their boxing card was well worth the watch. 54 yr old Mike Tyson fought 51 yr old Roy Jones Jr, both boxers looked amazing. This fight was simply for fun, so its considered an exhibition and was judged by three judges from […]

Yes, you have to be excited that this Christmas you will be watching NBA on your TV Screen. The world of basketball may not be as it once use to be but at least you can still scream, eat snacks and place a bet on who you think is going to win the game. The […]

  The future of boxing looks like it may be taking a blast to the past as former heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, announces that he will be returning to the world of boxing! This is coming on the heels of his infamous opponent, Mike Tyson, also deciding to return to the sport. However, both Tyson […]


The coronavirus hysteria is continuing throughout the world and has every one in America preparing for the worst. Across the board, from airports to elementary schools, the necessary precautions are being taken to keep us as safe as possible. Unfortunately, sports organizations are not exempt from the mayhem either. The NBA is looking to implement […]


It is safe to say that the Wilder vs Fury fight that took place Saturday shocked millions of boxing fans nationwide. The heavyweight bought resulted in Deontay Wilder being fiercely defeated by his opponent, Tyson Fury. This was the second time the fighter’s came together in a match but the first go round ended very […]

As we all settle in a little more on the loss of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant and his beloved daughter, Gianna Bryant, the reality sits much differently for Vanessa Bryant. A now widowed Bryant is left with so many pieces to put together on her own. In reaction to the devastating fatal crash that claimed […]

The passing of Kobe Bryant has most certainly shook up the world. It’s such a tragedy, that not knowing him personally does not make the loss any easier. We all have felt this one. The shocking news has moved the Hall of Fame chairman Jerry Colangelo to reveal that Kobe Bryant will be inducted in […]


It is no secret that it’s been a long time coming for the playing field to level out a bit within the Women’s National Basketball Association. Finally, the WNBA is pushing forward and making strides to improve salaries and overall career of its players. The league and the players union have come to agreement and […]

The 614

Many new bright ideas and events are coming out of the city of Columbus in this new year and decade! One thing that we can look forward to is a brand new Indoor Football League! Since the AFL has been dismantled,  people were not to happy to hear the news and to counteract that action, […]