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The coronavirus pandemic has put a real damper on the last year of high school for graduating seniors. The year 2020 seemed so full of endless possibilities until everything came to a complete stand still thanks to COVID-19.

Seniors nationwide have been forced to suffer a shortened school year with many special events being cancelled, including the highly anticipated graduation.

In efforts to still give students who have worked hard to earn a walk across the stage something special, virtual commencement ceremonies have popped up everywhere.

The king of the court, LeBron James, is swooping in as he does so gracefully to give kids a more exciting virtual graduation experience. The LeBron James Family Foundation has teamed up with XQ Institute and the Entertainment Institute Foundation to put together, “Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020.”

In an interview, LeBron said, “It’s been a hard few months for all of us, but I especially really feel for the senior class of 2020. The end of high school and graduation was one of the best memories of my life. It’s not fair. Every graduating senior needs to know how much we feel for them, and hopefully, this can help, even a little. This class is going to be special because they know in a real way how to persevere.”

The event is going down May 16th and will steam on several networks, like ABC, CBS, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. And in true celebrity fashion, high school seniors will enjoy special appearances from celebs like Pharrell Williams, YBN Cordae, Yara Shahidi and more.

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