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Police tape at an accident scene on Ocean Drive.

Source: Jeff Greenberg / Getty

A 17-year old boy died Thursday after getting hit by a truck on Indy’s northeast side while trying to catch the school bus. He has been identified as Dalton Bandy.

According to The Indy Channel, the student was struck just before 7 a.m., near the intersection of 38th Street and Emerson Avenue. The student was hospitalized in critical condition, but later died.

Via RTV6 (The Indy Channel)

A spokesperson with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said the student stepped off the median and was hit by a truck traveling southbound on Emerson. 

A nearby bus driver saw the student get hit. The bus driver said the student typically rides the bus farther down the road, so police believe he was trying to catch up because he was running late.

SOURCE: RTV6 (The Indy Channel) | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty

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