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Beyonce and Jay-Z shook us over the weekend with the sudden release of their new project together entitled ‘Everything is Love’ and everyone went crazy trying to hear it.  But a lot of people were feeling some kinda way because the couple only released the new project on Tidal (partially owned by Jay-Z) subscribers.  Well, we can’t knock the hustle but nowadays later The Carters have released their project on iTunes and Spotify.  But like many, I was having a few issues finding it on these other subscription services.  But in true Beyonce and Jay-Z fashion, it’s not out there as plain as day.

On Spotify, ‘Everything is Love’ is only currently available to premium subscribers.  But even then it wasn’t that easy to find because I was searching for it under the name Beyonce.  You can’t find it that way, you have to search The Carters and then it comes up.  But what if you don’t have premium on Spotify?  You can still get the project but you have to wait until July 2nd.

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For Apple users ‘Everything is Love’ is a little easier to find on iTunes as it was being featured on the front page and under new music.  But if you can’t find it there do the same as on other streaming services and search The Carters and it should come right up for you.   The album will cost you $9.99 or you can listen for free if you subscribe to Apple Music services.  The best part about buying ‘Everything is Love’ on iTunes is that you get a digital booklet to go with it including family pictures with Rumi and Sir and more!

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