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The well known DJ Nabs has accused Nasir, rapper Nas of sleeping with his Girlfriend Jessica Santos.

According to Nabs he has proof with text messages that his girlfriend cheated don him with the rapper. All of this occurred back in May 19, 2018, when Nabs didn’t come home one night, and Nabs questioned where she had been, Santos gave him the silent treatment.

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After showing her the text messages that he found “she defiantly admitted to sleeping with [Nas] the night she didn’t come home,”

Here is where the Karma comes in, Nabs had left his wife for Santos, he was cheating with Santos at the time. Now you have Nabs being cheated don by the very woman he left his wife for. SMH!

Rapper Nas claims he was betrayed by both of them because Nabs knew he use to see Jessica Santos.

Men have to learn when to leave the Thots alone!

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