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Cardi isn’t done with Nicki even though her team wants her to walk away for the drama. Cardi is now working on new music and according to TMZ…..Sources close to Cardi tell us the rapper has already recorded some new stuff, and the lyrics take some serious jabs at Nicki. We’re told her team is divided … some think the Nicki disses should be 86’d. Those people in Cardi’s camp feel the lyrics would actually benefit Nicki by putting the spotlight on her. Cardi’s team believes she’s already eclipsed Nicki, and the best strategy is just ignoring her. As for Cardi’s feelings — she’s always included her real-life drama in her raps, so she thinks keeping the lyrics in is the only way to keep it real. So what do you think should Cardi just walk away or should she bury Nicki???