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Cardi B just can’t get a break from people bringing her name up! Whether its good or bad, my good sis stays making headlines! This time, we’re trying to figure out if Cardi is being called out or nah!? On twitter this past Monday, Cardi had a small exchange of words with WWE wrestler Lacey […]

Can’t say we are surprised about the latest announcement from Cardi B that she has taken Offset back and isn’t planning to divorce after the couple was seen turning up for her birthday over the weekend in Las Vegas and other outings in Atlanta this week. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   […]

YouTuber close to the artists is helping set the record straight. Ever since the news broke out that Cardi B was filing for divorce, wild stories in the media have been flooding our timelines. Though Cardi and Offset have both been quite (at least for now) YouTuber LovelyTI TV, who is close to the artist, […]

Lil Kim gives love and support to the new class of female rappers and just wants to enjoy life. Fat Joe had his sister Lil Kim on his Instagram Live show “The Fat Joe Show.” The two did a lot of reminiscing of the past, talked about how she is an icon and current views […]

I guess not even a pandemic can get these two to move on from the petty drama. Even with hundreds of thousands of people dying all over the world, Cardi B and Rah Ali can not keep the peace. These two have been enemies since the “Money” rapper had an altercation with Rah’s former friend […]

Aw, get well soon Cardi! Rapper Cardi B experience a really bad tummy ache so bad she had to risk it all and go to the hospital. According to The Jasmine Brand, the “Money” artist was experiencing strong stomach aches for over 24 hours. She decided that she would check herself into the hospital on […]

I’m not going to ask if but ill say when you get around to watching The Tiger King you won’t be disappointed and you’ll find out how many big cats are actually in the US and trust me the numbers are astounding. This Netflix series follows the life and times of the Tiger King aka […]

Cardi B has been known for voicing her very loud opinion on various subjects ranging from politics, police and stripper poles. Tuesday she took to social media to remind her fans just how scary the Coronavirus actually is Safe to say Cardi B is just as shook as the rest of us with this thing! […]

In a recent IG post-Cardi B — said that she wanted to run for congress saying that if she went back to school and focused she could shake the table. Well, this didn’t sit well with Trump supporters and they went in!!! Full Story Click Here

Even with competition Cardi is still No.1. With her endless of features and hit singles like “Money” and “Press,” Cardi B is Spotify‘s “Most Streamed Female Rapper in 2019.” The rapper said she was shocked due to the fact she didn’t put out a lot of new music this year.   With being No. […]

  Cardi B has certainly become a household name in her own right, her own way! The hip-hop superstar has been every where from Paris Fashion Week to Netflix with “Rhythm & Flow!” It is clear that the New York native is here to stay! Recently, Cardi B invited the infamous fashion magazine, Vogue, into […]

The Migos have made their mark in the world of music as an innovative, trend setting family, with nothing in their way to slow the trio down. Each member has found success in their own right and continue to have offers and ideas pouring in. One third of the Migos, has found himself yet another […]