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I’m not going to ask if but ill say when you get around to watching The Tiger King you won’t be disappointed and you’ll find out how many big cats are actually in the US and trust me the numbers are astounding. This Netflix series follows the life and times of the Tiger King aka Joe Exotic and his dealing with his zoo and his competition/nemesis, Carole Baskin who runs a big cat animal rescue out of Florida and calls Exotic and his associates animal abusers. These claims along with being accused of a murder for hire scheme to kill his nemesis Carle Baskin has landed the Tiger King in jail facing a whopping 79 years in prison. This is a claim he adamantly denies and has sued the government for 94 million dollars while in prison. While watching the documentary you get a chance to see exactly how Exotic lived and he filmed each and every moment of his life something he’s been doing since the ’90s and his dealing with Carle Baskin and you ask yourself could he really order a hit? Because it just doesn’t seem like he would have a problem telling you if he had hired someone to kill his competition and many people are taking his side and one of the biggest with the biggest platform is non-other than rapper Cardi B who has vowed to get the Tiger King out of prison so she started a gofundme to help him with his legal fees and she hopes that by bringing more attention to his man and his story that he’d get a chance to get out of prison. Full Story Click Here