Fif knows how to kick a man while he is down.

50 Cent, iPhone

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Last week we broke the story that kinda overshadows Dipset’s reunion. The legend hip-hop group are back with a new single “Sauce Boyz,” but member Juelz Santana was in the video literally missing more than his two front teeth.


You can imagine social media had a field day with this. However, nobody can troll like 50 Cent and you know he just couldn’t resist his opportunity. The Get Rich Or Die Tryin rapper went on his Instagram insinuating that Juelz is missing teeth due to “drugs.”


Fif leave that man alone! Juelz had a clapback for him but you know that only adds more fuel to Fif’s fire to keep trolling.


This isn’t the first time Juelz had some issues going on with his mouth. As The Jasmine Brand noted back in 2017, it was Juelz bottom row of teeth that were missing during a TRL interview.


Santana can’t be out here looking like this no more!

Source: The Jasmine Brand

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