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Cuffing season has been underway, and I hope everything is on track with you and your boo. If you two have run into some issues, maybe this guideline I am posting will help. Before I drop the DO’s and DONT’s list, understand that cuffing season boo Is temporary. Only for the season if the two of you decide to be more discuss that before the season ends.

Here are the Do’s and Dont’s Cuffing Season Rules:

  1. Be Available
  2. Understand when the season ends, the relationship ends
  3. Dont expect to be invited to holiday dinners
  4. On sight its going down
  5. No name dropping
  6. Be honest about your feelings
  7. Don’t get attached
  8. Don’t them on social media
  9. Only cooking, and carryout

What are your thoughts on those Dos and Donts?

Enjoy and Cuff away love birds.

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