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This Love and Hip Hop storyline is getting sad.

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Reality star Alexis Skyy is blessed to have her baby girl Alaiya Grace in her life. However, it has been nothing but drama and a hot ass mess when it comes to the paternity of her child’s father.

Since joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop New York, Skyy is still having a DNA war with Fetty Wap. Wap still has not taken a DNA test and according to Skyy has not been in their daughter’s life.

That alone is a sad situation but to add now another LHH castmate is now in the mix in this paternity mess. Well, Skyy kinda put Solo Lucci in this drama to be fair when she said on the show that he was claiming to be her daughter’s father for clout. Now Lucci is on social media calling Skyy out and claims “she doesn’t know who her babydaddy is.”


Alexis went is clapback mode and posted several tweets confronting Lucci’s claims that she doesn’t know her babydaddy.


Lucci and Skyy messed around when the two debut on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood but things ended quickly when Skyy was pregnant. Many fans are debating on who is the babydaddy?


In any case, with all the health issues the baby has it is more important to know who is the father of this baby.


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