Well looks like Big Sean may be left behind in 2018 along with Jhene Aiko other baggage..

According to reports,

R&B singer Jhene Akio recently release a new track called ” Wasted Love Freestyle 2018” and fans are convinced that the couple has broken up.

“How did we get away from love? How did love get away from us?” sings Akio. “Not my time, I should wait for love. Waste of time, what a waste of love. You became my life, I never realized. You were my life. Without you by my side, that just don’t feel right.”

Now, if you can remember Jhene Aiko had already dropped an even bigger hint last month in regards of her troubled realtionship by covering up Big Sean face (Click Here)


So is this the end of Big Sean and Jhene Aiko?

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