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The singer’s alleged sexual assault history being spotlighted in a new documentary.

Michael Jackson and Children

Source: Ron Galella / Getty

First, it was R. Kelly and now it looks like we gonna have to talk about Michael Jackson. The King of Pop has struggled with allegations of sexual abuse since the 1990s and before he died.


A new documentary called Leaving Neverland is set to showcase two cases of boys claiming the legend sexual abuse them. The two boys, 7 and 8, had a long-standing relationship with Michael during the height of his career. Now in their 30s, the men will go in details of the abuse and how they have been able to deal with it.

In the past, Jackson revealed in an interview that he would have sleepovers with kids that would come visit him in Neverland Ranch, his former home. At times he would invite kids to spend the night with him. In some cases it was said by Jackson they would sleep in the same bed as him.


Jackson has always denied that he has sexually abused kids. He like Kelly had trials stemming from accusations but were always settle out of court.

This documentary will air on Sundance later this month.

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