Did Nipsey finally ask his girlfriend to be his wife or nah?

Nipsey Hussle In St Louis

Source: CMcGraw/Radio One Saint Louis / CMcGraw/Radio One Saint Louis

I know I am tired of waiting for this to happen and was so geeked when news swirled that Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London were finally getting married.

The two lovebirds were spotted doing a photoshoot for GQ Magazine. Both were wearing all white and looked like an engagement shoot too many fans.


However, Nipsey had to ruin my hopes (and probably Lauren’s too) and told fans there is no engagement, just a simple photoshoot.


I am a firm believer that a man should know after 2 years if he plans on spending the rest of his life with a woman. WHAT IS THE HOLD-UP NIPSEY!?!?!?!?

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