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I am here for this one, because I remember the days when I was in school and some parents would drop their kids off dressed in club outfits, with a lot of body showing. So heres the rundown

State Rep. Antonio Parkinson (D) of Tennessee said that he has been receiving calls from parents concerned with how other parents are inappropriately dressed. he also stated that he heard concerns from some principals, about you’d be surprise at the things they see.

They are looking to ban clothing that is sexually suggestive, and also some that promote gang activity.

The bill would also require visitors inside the school to follow a code of conduct similar to those children and teachers have, prohibiting cursing, fighting and arriving at school property under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The code of conduct would be posted at the school’s entrance and distributed to parents before classes started.

I am so here for this one..

Would you okay with this bill being passed?

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