Was she forced to leave or left on her own?

Keri Hilson At District Rhythms

Source: Melanie Barber / WFUN

We all heard the rumors about why Keri Hilson stopped making music. Many people have said it was when she tried to come for Beyonce back in the day resulting in her getting blackballed.

Fans have always asked Hilson when will she be releasing new music? One fan got a response today from the singer and yup, we gonna have to wait a little while longer.


Hilson rise to stardom came after she dropped her No Boys Allowed album back in 2010. Hits like “Pretty Girl Rock” and “One Night Stand” saw Billboard success.

Still, even though she been m.i.a. fans still want her to come back with new music. I think almost 9 years is long enough if you ask me.

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