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Terrell Carter

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Terrell Carter is an entrepreneur whose innovation, ambition and style led him to create a unique, one-of-a-kind lifestyle collective, Venus & Mars.
As a young son of a single mother, creativity was the name of the game. At the age of 10, his desire to procure daily haircuts drove his mother to buy him his first set of clippers. This simple investment changed the course of Terrell’s trajectory.

Terrell’s life course started on the financial route, where he excelled as a leader, creating and building Financial Intelligence Units at both JP Morgan Chase and Discover Financial Services. As he honed his business acumen, he saw the opportunity to align his skillset with his desire for developing people and refining their images so he enrolled at the Ohio State School of Cosmetology.
Since graduating, Terrell has embraced every opportunity to pursue his passion. Venus & Mars clients are inspired to put their best selves forward by maximizing the hair, makeup, style consulting and personal shopping services. Members of One Church, Terrell’s home church, are encouraged through his moving sermons and uplifting interactions.
Terrell’s work on both a personal and professional level, to individuals and the community as a whole, is impactful and far-reaching. He is a firm believer that the opportunity of a lifetime must be seized during the lifetime of the opportunity and he endeavors to seize and maximize every opportunity he encounters.
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