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The good samaritan award definitely goes out to a local favorite.

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A feel-good story that will warm your heart. Local pizza chain Donatos have been doing their part to give back to the community during these hard and freezing times.

Here’s an interesting fact, Donatos in Latin means “to give a good thing.” They definitely are giving us great pizza but they also took the extra step to deliver great pizza to those in need.

Jason Hood who works on the Donatos on High St. delivered 11 pizzas to the Columbus Dream Center. It is a warming center that has extended their hours due to below freezing temps.

“With the weather and the emergency that has taken place this week, we’ve been open 12 hours at a time,” Gerald Murphy said.

As Hood said, its deeper than just a meal or a place to stay warm. It is a chance for us to do good.

“This is our chance to kind of be there even if they don’t expect us to be there,” Hood said.

Thanks to Donatos for giving back to those who need it the most!

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