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Atlanta law enforcement officials announced Wednesday they have arrested 33 people in the metro area on sex trafficking charges. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, big events such as The Super Bowl, will attract a disheartening amount of people involved in the sex-trafficking trade. The city of Atlanta has blueprinted security plans for Super Bowl LIII for about two years now in an effort to be completely prepared, based on reports from Atlanta police chief Erika Shields. Homeland Security Investigators also involved have chosen to remain tight lipped about the details of the arrests, as they fully plan to continue with efforts to impede sex trafficking activities.

Four victims were liberated during these arrests. Women are being heavily advised to be cautious throughout the weekend. With so much tourist traffic and free spending occurring in the area, women are more at risk to be entangled into these crimes. It is best to not travel alone, consider carrying small weapons and avoid dark or unknown spaces.

Consumers have also been warned to be wary of fake Super Bowl tickets and merchandise being sold at an alarming rate. Over 1500 counterfeit items were seized within the arrest as well. Most people may not be able to tell the difference if a false ticket is purchased, therefore it is important to buy from reputable sources.

If you plan to head to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII, or you are already in the city, please be aware, stay safe and enjoy the weekend!


Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots Vs. Atlanta Falcons At NRG Stadium

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

Source: Complex, Twitter, The Atlanta Journal Constitution



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