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This is really a story about me venting, and me trying understand how are you suppose to know when you’re in love with someone, and how you’re suppose to know if its Real Love or not. Than again what is Real Love, what is Love?

Its definitely not hurting someone, and its not turning your back on them. Im just at a place in my life with someone I think Im in love with.

So I had this guy I use to talk to, on BLOCK from my number to my social media. I was trying to rid my life of him because I just felt that what was going on between us was too TOXIC, and it began to affect my work.

For 8 month I didn’t talk to him, didn’t see him. The minute I unblock him , he pops up on my social media, and yes find his way back in my life. We have an amazing conversation about the gray areas that happened during our relationship. I will say the headspace that I am in now about him feels pretty balanced, and healthy.

The feelings were still there, even after the time offs having no communication, the feelings were still there.

Is that real Love?

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