The reality star shares about what she is learning as a first time mom.

Kenya Moore

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So let me start with the fact I don’t have any kids (thank you Jesus). When I first saw this story that Kenya Moore was kicked out of a restaurant for changing her baby Brooklyn’s diaper I got in my feminist feelings.

Obviously, Moore didn’t think this was an issue either until her and the baby got put out. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” peach brushed it off with a laugh on social media.

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Last week when I was traveling with Brooklyn, I got kicked out of a restaurant for changing her diaper! OMG, I was so embarrassed. I had no idea about these rules! As a new mama, I'm learning new things every day. The @peanut app has been an amazing support for me to connect with other new moms that can give me a heads up, advice and a sense of community. The app introduces you to women in your neighborhood based on the things you have in common—interests, mutual friends, age/gender of your children, and so much more! I used @peanut to ask how to find a good nanny, how old Brooklyn has to be to start eating food, is this a rash or eczema, and where else can’t I change her diaper LOL! Go check it out and create a profile, the app is a must have for mamas and mamas-to-be. #peanutapp

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Like the true hustler she is, she used that moment to flip into a new partnership with an app called Peanut. Kenya talks about how this app has helped many first time moms like her try to navigate motherhood in many situations.

I think moms, in general, can use all the help they need with these kids these days.

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