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Friday is International Women’s Day and Wolf’s Ridge Brewery is one of the local breweries dedicating their brews and profits to help celebrate women.

“I think seeing the success of this beer last year and also getting to collaborate with a lot of other women in the industry, whether it’s other brewers, other distributors, other bars and restaurants and stores across the city… I think we’re realizing how beneficial it is to have a united front and to come together, whether it’s working together on a beer or an event or project but also being advocates for each other,” said Jenna Dicicco, a sales representative with Wolf’s Ridge Brewing.”

This year the brewery is partnering with YWCA of Columbus, whose mission is to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. Fifty percent of draft sales and 10 percent of bottle sales will go to the organization.

Last year Wolf’s Ridge raised $1,035 for a different organization but this year hopes to raise more with your help. To see how you can help while enjoying a refreshing brew go to www.ohiocraftbeer.org.

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