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The fraternities were accused of code of conduct violation.

Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Tau Omega are being placed on probation for violating the student code of conduct. Alpha Tau Omega has admitted in a letter to the following violations:

  • Providing alcohol to new members
  • Assigning tasks to new members
  • Making new members clean the fraternity house
  • Hosting a party where new members were zip tied to their dates, then required to finish a bottle of liquor to cut the zip tie

Alpha Tau Sigma is on probation until May 3, 2020, and social probation for a month. Sigma Phi Epsilon was found to have pooled funds to buy alcohol for social events. They are placed on probation until Dec. 15 and social probation until the end of the month.

Ohio State released a statement, saying in part “…all Ohio State sorority and fraternity chapters are expected to uphold the Code of Student Conduct, our community’s Standards of Excellence and all of the governing rules, guidelines and regulations…”

Fraternities Theta Tau and Zeta Phi Beta are also under investigation.

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