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It’s about to be the wild wild west out here.

A bill was introduced Friday that if passed would allow you and anybody else in this state to carry a gun without a background check or permit. The bill will also end gun owners to have to tell the police they have a gun when pulled over.

Do we really want trigger happy, violent or crazy people to just be able to have a gun? That’s what the Fraternal Order of Police and anti-gun-violence activists say.


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This bill is being pushed by Republicans who have for years been trying to change gun laws in the state. Many worry that this time they just might succeed for Gov. Mike DeWine is in favor of the bill.

The only restriction would be that you have to be 21 or older.

Currently, 16 states have this law.

#WearOrange614 Anti Gun Violence Rally
#WearOrange614 Rally
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