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The Columbus Clippers baseball season is going to be a real fiesta this year! With the new season, a new look follows for the Clippers.

The team has turned into the Columbus Veleros! The next 11 home games, played on Friday’s, the Columbus Clippers will represent as the Veleros de Columbus.

“We need to be inclusive of all the demographics and our community,” said Ken Schnacke, President and General Manager of the Columbus Clippers.

Minor League Baseball has implemented Copa de la Diversion, also known as the “Fun Cup”, for the third year in a row.

Coming up with a nickname for the Clippers proved to be a little tricky.

“As we explored what Clippers meant in Spanish it was all nail clippers and I couldn’t come up with anything that I thought would be ferocious,” said Schnacke. “A couple of people helped us and we came up with the Veleros which is the Sailboats.”

The Veleros tag is already a huge hit with the Latin community in Columbus and surrounding areas.

“The minute that we saw caps and the jerseys and t-shirts we were really excited and proud. Those colors are so vibrant and energetic and they actually represent our Latin culture,” said Estela Salaman, with the Hispanic Chamber of Columbus.

The jerseys, inspired by the Pirates of Caribbean movies, include the V in Veleros being the C in Clippers simply turned upside down. The skull on the baseball hat with crossed bats instead of crossed bones, is a nod to the Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead.  Fans and players are digging the new look.

“I think they are kind of sick you know, colorful especially when you are used to the plain colors. It’s nice to go out of your comfort zone every once in a while,” said outfielder Oscar Mercado.

The Clippers are proud to embrace change. The Latino community is welcoming that change with open arms.

“We feel welcomed in the community. We feel included in every sport,” said Salaman.

The Clippers partnered with El Vaquero Mexican restaurant to serve Mexican food and drinks. Latin music and games will be played throughout the season as well! Baseball season just got a whole lot more exciting for the city!

Source: NBC4i