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It must be something in the water in Ohio! A hospital in Dayton is experiencing a baby boom and it isn’t because of their list of patients.

In the labor and delivery department at Miami Valley Hospital, 11 unit nurses are all pregnant at the same time and all due within months of one another!

The nurses said there have been waves of pregnancies in the past, but never this many at one time with due dates just months apart.

“It spans from May 8th, to October 29th,” a nurse commented.

Naturally, some of the eleven nurses are expecting their first child while others are moving on to the world of multiples. Those who are already mothers said this experience adds a whole new element to their pregnancy.

“We can kind of compare pregnancies and morning sickness,” said a third nurse. With one more joking, “Share our horror stories.”

Jessica Piddock, due in July, described the baby boom at the hospital as “completely crazy,” while Charlotte Phillips, due in May, called it “really exciting.”

The nurses joked about pregnancy not being contagious, but said they are sharing many things! From sharing similar crazy cravings to breastfeeding tips, all of the women are leaning on one another, soaking up this immense support system that they say is second to none.

“I love the coworkers being able to possibly deliver me,” said one nurse. “You know, I trust them, I trust the whole unit.”

This pregnancy journey is going to produce eleven babies, three are unknown at this time, two are girls, and the rest are boys. The pregnant coworkers are looking forward to having 11 more kids on board.

Mother looking at newborn after parturition

Source: Stanislaw Pytel / Getty

Source: NBC4i, GMA