Across the globe, we are trying to figure out how to deal with the current pandemic. COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus is heavily effecting the livelihoods of us all. From business closures to event cancellations and more, we are trying to find the best ways to cope with the current national emergency plaguing us. […]


  Two controversial abortion bills were passed by the Ohio Senate last Wednesday. The first bill, Senate Bill 155, would require a doctor to inform a woman about an untested treatment to reverse a pill-based abortion. The second, Senate Bill 208, would require doctors to inform the state when an infant survives an attempted abortion, […]

The 614

Savings lives and patient’s bank accounts. A local doctor is not only practicing the act of healing his patients but also being a good samaritan. A doctor who wanted to be nameless has reported been paying for patients surgeries who couldn’t afford it for the last 5 years. One patient, Jerry Williams, has come forward […]


  It must be something in the water in Ohio! A hospital in Dayton is experiencing a baby boom and it isn’t because of their list of patients. In the labor and delivery department at Miami Valley Hospital, 11 unit nurses are all pregnant at the same time and all due within months of one […]