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Two controversial abortion bills were passed by the Ohio Senate last Wednesday. The first bill, Senate Bill 155, would require a doctor to inform a woman about an untested treatment to reverse a pill-based abortion. The second, Senate Bill 208, would require doctors to inform the state when an infant survives an attempted abortion, and to provide care to that infant.

Opponents of Senate Bill 155 say it’s unethical to experiment on pregnant women. The bill passed 22-10 despite concerns from several Democratic lawmakers that the treatment hasn’t been tested.

“We should be basing our policy on science and fact, not misinformation and lies,” said Jaime Miracle with NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. “There’s absolutely no scientific or medical evidence that this idea even exists or is an effective form of medicine.”

Supporters of Senate Bill 155 say it would provide an important option to pregnant women.

“Whether it’s approved by the FDA or not, that doesn’t matter. There are 1000 babies alive today because of this,” said Michael Gonidakis, the head of Ohio Right to Life. “Why wouldn’t we want to give a woman this option to keep her baby if she changes her mind?”

Senate Bill 208 opponents say there is already legislation that protects babies outside the womb, and would only cause harm to physicians and those seeking abortions.

“There’s absolutely no reason to pass this bill other than to stigmatize and shame abortion providers and the patients they serve,” Miracle said.

Senate Bill 208 supporters say the piece of legislation is important because it would protect the lives of babies.

“If a baby survives an abortion and is outside the womb, it should be protected and our medical community, our physicians should stand up and protect that child,” Gonidakis said.

Both bills will head to the House of Representatives to be considered.

Pro-Choice Crowd Demonstrating at Abortion Rights March

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