The number of Americans that have filed for unemployment during this global pandemic has surpassed 20 million!! With so many people out of work and stuck at home, essential workers have been out dealing with whatever may come their way on a regular basis. Ohio Democrats believe that essential workers have earned the right to […]


  Two controversial abortion bills were passed by the Ohio Senate last Wednesday. The first bill, Senate Bill 155, would require a doctor to inform a woman about an untested treatment to reverse a pill-based abortion. The second, Senate Bill 208, would require doctors to inform the state when an infant survives an attempted abortion, […]


Ohio State Representative David Leland has presented a bill to help attract more people as public defenders and it has now passed the Ohio house. In a news release, Leland’s office announced the passing of House Bill 5. HB 5 creates the Ohio Public Defender State Loan Repayment Program. “This bill will not only help […]

(Courtesy of Google)   It has been confirmed that the legendary, Bushwick Bill, one of the founding members of Houston’s iconic group, Geto Boys, has passed away. The rapper was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer earlier this year and had been going through intensive chemotherapy. Bushwick Bill, whose real name is Richard Shaw, […]


It truly perplexes me why the United States government is oddly obsessed with the status of women, their bodies and potential choices made during pregnancy. Now, I am no means stating whether or not I am for or against the issue; I like to focus on situations. No one should hold the right to affect […]

Today, we lost a legend in music.  Bobby Womack passed away today at the age of 70.